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The Outstanding solutions driven Technical Team assembled for Novis Works® will provide you with high quality products and technical solutions within your facility.

we are A Distributor of the Worldwide Leading
Pumice Supplier CR Minerals

We offer pumice products that are used in a wide variety of applications, including abrasives, cleaners, paints, coatings, pozzolan, rubber, plastics, water treatment and much more.

We Provide a Full Range of Products

CR Minerals pumice products are 100% natural materials. No synthetic chemicals or other materials are added during mining or processing. The superior properties of CR Minerals pumice products result from both our unique high purity, low-density pumice deposit and their exacting process procedures.

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Please contact Gary Peacock for more information on CR Minerals pumice products.

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Novis Works® LLC was established in the fall of 2008.  Since this time, the company has experienced steady growth by adding experienced technical sales, chemists and manufacturing engineers.  Throughout this growth, our core business philosophy has been to develop long term relationships with our customers by providing customized solutions. Our team comes from industrials backgrounds in plant settings so they understand the applications and processes first hand.  Each of our technical sales team members has over 25 years experience in industrial processes.