Novis Works® LLC is a specialty chemical company located in Northeastern, Ohio that developed and uses the continuous blending method of manufacturing. The use of continuous blending offers these advantages.

  • Continuous blending results in superior quality because all of the chemicals are metered at the precise ratios into the mixing chamber, therefore, all the material sees the same mix action.
  • Our continuous blending method demonstrates a measurable improvement in performance.
  • We maintain a precise temperature window which we have found increases product performance.
  • We make only the desired quantity.
  • We blend directly into the shipping container which minimizes handling of the product and results in zero waste.


HyperSET® - Epoxy/Acrylic SO2 Cold Box System
An Epoxy/Acrylic SO2 cured cold box product. Versatile cold-box product that has multiple benefits for the user in many ferrous and non-ferrous applications as well as coarse aggregates. The 2050/3050 system "package" was developed for increased front-end tensile development, improved humidity resistance and higher hot strength.

HyperFUSE® - Phenolic Urethane No Bake System
A Phenolic-urethane no-bake resin system using an liquid catalyst as the curing component. The products are formulated to deliver optimal core/mold properties and economical benefits by allowing the operator to use a minimal amount of catalyst for complete core/mold cure.


HyperSLICK® - Innovative Release Agent
Formulated to deliver optimal release properties and economical benefits by allowing the operator to apply a minimal amount of product without the need to recoat the core box or pattern every few cycles. Being a 100% solids product, the worry of solvent evaporation hazards are eliminated. A Low Viscosity, solvent-free environmentally friendly silicone Release Agent for use with all Epoxy-SO2 Cold Box, Phenolic-Urethane Cold Box, Methyl Formate Cold Box and CO2 Cold Box applications.


HyperADD - Engineered Sand Additive
Engineered Sand Additives formulated to reduce or eliminate veining and increase penetration resistance in cores and molds produced with chemically-bonded sand. Silica sand expansion is considered a main contributing factor with veining in castings. HyperADD products are formulated using a blend of organic and inorganic technology to optimize casting quality.


SonicSTIK® - Core & Mold Adhesive
A fast setting adhesive suitable for use on all types of chemically bonded sand molds and cores. When used as directed, SonicSTIK® has been formulated to produce strong joints between molds and cores very quickly. It can be used for normal core gluing on any type of sand bond where a rapid evaporative adhesive is required. The "R" Series was developed as a lower viscosity and faster setting version of SonicSTIK®.


ARC® - Amine Recoverable Concentrate
Recycling for the Phenolic Urethane Cold Box Process.